AIG Trading Group and Banque AIG Past Research

Articles Author Date Published
“!Viva la Muerte!”Bernard Connolly(04-04-2008)
“Adverse Feedback Loops” and the Fed: Damned If ...Bernard Connolly(05-22-2008)
“Cyclical” and “structural” factors in the ...Bernard Connolly(10-01-2004)
“Global Adjustment” After the G7 and the Philly ...Bernard Connolly(09-22-2006)
“Global Adjustment”: What Implications for US Markets?Bernard Connolly(05-15-2006)
“Neutral”, “natural”, “normal”: the ...Bernard Connolly(03-18-2005)
“Normalisation” Means “Liquidation”Bernard Connolly(08-02-2007)
A Collapsing Ponzi Game? What Market Implications?Bernard Connolly(07-26-2007)
A revolt of the great unwashed? What implications of the &#...Bernard Connolly(06-03-2005)
A Summit Lost on the Playing-Fields of Fettes Part 2: ...Bernard Connolly(12-19-2005)
Accounting for DepressionBernard Connolly(03-04-2008)
Adjustment in EMU and German Inflation: a Disaster StoryBernard Connolly(08-14-2008)
After The Fed: Where Does the Dollar Fit In The ...Bernard Connolly(03-19-2008)
After the retracement: what relative prospects for commodity prices?Bernard Connolly(11-02-2005)
Almunia and Sovereign Wealth Funds: The Threat Made ClearerBernard Connolly(11-22-2007)
Almunia, Budgets and the EuroBernard Connolly(09-28-2007)
Almunia: (Grond-)stof and NonsenseBernard Connolly(07-02-2008)
Almunia: (Grond-)stof and Nonsense CorrectionBernard Connolly(07-02-2008)
An Easing Liquidity Crisis and a Worsening Credit Crisis?Bernard Connolly(09-26-2007)
Angela and the ZEW: a Struwelpeter Tale for the Euro Area?Bernard Connolly(08-22-2006)
Another “Declaration of War” in “Euroland” ...Bernard Connolly(11-07-2007)
Are commodities overvalued? Yes, butBernard Connolly(01-25-2006)
Argentina and EMU: a Recap of LessonsBernard Connolly(04-12-2007)
Asian Intervention, the Dollar, US Markets and Global AdjustmentBernard Connolly(11-17-2004)
Asset Market Tremors: What Implications for US Rates?Bernard Connolly(02-27-2007)