AIG Trading Group and Banque AIG Past Research

Articles Author Date Published
Oil and the DollarBernard Connolly(08-22-2008)
Oil Prices: Genesis, Impact, Reaction: Part 1Bernard Connolly(06-04-2004)
Oil, intertemporal allocation, the dollar and the Fed; the world ...Bernard Connolly(06-30-2005)
Oil, Plosser and the Dollar: the World Is Still MadBernard Connolly(07-23-2008)
OPEC, Interest Rates and OilBernard Connolly(05-20-2004)
Papademos: Is the Market Behind the Curve on Greece, Portugal ...Bernard Connolly(04-26-2005)
Paradise Regained or Inferno Deferred? What US Market Scenarios are ...Bernard Connolly(03-13-2006)
Parrying the Blows: an Unnatural Reaction to a “Natural&#...Bernard Connolly(04-13-2004)
Parsing Bernanke: a Troubling Kind of SoothingBernard Connolly(03-01-2007)
Paulson Calls For Weaker DollarBernard Connolly(03-26-2008)
Paulson, the dollar and asset pricesBernard Connolly(05-30-2006)
Payrolls, intertemporal misallocation, the dollar and de-globalizationBernard Connolly(03-08-2004)
Payrolls: Who Cares? Not the FedBernard Connolly(11-02-2007)
PCE Deflator RevisionBernard Connolly(03-25-2004)
Pending Home Sales: Financial Market Implications Misinterpreted Again?Bernard Connolly(04-03-2007)
Pending Home Sales: Stabilisation or Capitulation?Bernard Connolly(08-01-2007)
Pending Homes Sales: Which Picture is Nicer?Bernard Connolly(08-08-2007)
Plosser Has Been Given His Marching OrdersBernard Connolly(11-30-2007)
Plosser Rocks the Market: What Next?Bernard Connolly(11-07-2007)
Plus ça changeBernard Connolly(11-09-2007)
Politics and Economics of US AdjustmentBernard Connolly(12-17-2004)
Poole and Moskow: Will Anything Ever Be Cheap Again?Bernard Connolly(09-27-2006)
Portugal, Public Debt, EMU and the EuroBernard Connolly(04-01-2004)
Portugal, the euro débâcle and CE-4Bernard Connolly(03-11-2004)
Portugal: now it really gets toughBernard Connolly(07-14-2005)