AIG Trading Group and Banque AIG Past Research

Articles Author Date Published
The Current Account: Does it Matter for US Interest rates ...Bernard Connolly(01-16-2006)
Geithner, asset prices and the curve: an inverted V in ...Bernard Connolly(01-12-2006)
Trichet: Knowing the LimitsBernard Connolly(01-12-2006)
FOMC minutes: what currents beneath the surface?Bernard Connolly(01-10-2006)
Watanabe on dollar/yen: what underlies the strategy?Bernard Connolly(01-05-2006)
British manufacturing: would stagflation be bad news for sterling and ...Bernard Connolly(01-03-2006)
A Summit Lost on the Playing-Fields of Fettes Part 2: ...Bernard Connolly(12-19-2005)
Issing: more evidence of the world crisisBernard Connolly(12-15-2005)
The FOMC: feeling the knife-edge?Bernard Connolly(12-14-2005)
The FOMC Statement and Market Expectations: Can the Wild Duck ...Bernard Connolly(12-13-2005)
Gold, oil, Japanese QE, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, the ECB ...Bernard Connolly(12-12-2005)
Gold, oil, Japanese QE, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, the ECB ...Bernard Connolly(12-09-2005)
Why is the British economy underperforming?Bernard Connolly(12-06-2005)
Gold and market expectationsBernard Connolly(12-06-2005)
Trichet: discretion is the better part of valourBernard Connolly(12-01-2005)
US new home sales: what implicationsBernard Connolly(11-29-2005)
Exiting EMU: no joke, but what’s the alternative?Bernard Connolly(11-29-2005)
MoF and BoJ, JGBs, stocks and the yen: who cares ...Bernard Connolly(11-25-2005)
The BoE: groping towards the right answer?Bernard Connolly(11-24-2005)
The ECB: the fun goes on; EMU: the pain goes on!Bernard Connolly(11-22-2005)
Trichet: who is pulling the strings, and why?Bernard Connolly(11-21-2005)
EMU: Coming apart at the (gold) seamsBernard Connolly(11-18-2005)
King: uncomfortable curvesBernard Connolly(11-16-2005)
TICS: What a load of rubbish!Bernard Connolly(11-16-2005)
The ECB, the Bundesbank, Interest Rates and Monetary Union: Accepting ...Bernard Connolly(11-14-2005)