AIG Trading Group and Banque AIG Past Research

Articles Author Date Published
The Bernanke factor: markets at riskBernard Connolly(11-07-2005)
After the retracement: what relative prospects for commodity prices?Bernard Connolly(11-02-2005)
Central banks, core and overall inflation: integrating globalisation and interest ratesBernard Connolly(10-21-2005)
Replacing Large: a politicized BoE?Bernard Connolly(10-17-2005)
The MPC, interest rates and sterling: constructive dissension?Bernard Connolly(10-13-2005)
The BoJ: finding an exit in the darkBernard Connolly(10-11-2005)
Global market tremorsBernard Connolly(10-07-2005)
Today’s euro zone economic news: perversity and absurdity ...Bernard Connolly(10-05-2005)
Britain and the US: interest rates, hurricanes, budget deficits and consumptionBernard Connolly(10-04-2005)
US current account and TICS data: fundamentals and market inefficiencyBernard Connolly(09-16-2005)
Iwata, Japanese monetary policy and the yenBernard Connolly(09-14-2005)
Trichet, Issing and inflation: Italy is the constraint on actionBernard Connolly(09-14-2005)
Germany and EMU: good news is bad newsBernard Connolly(09-12-2005)
Bears, bulls and behinds — which will squeak loudest after ...Bernard Connolly(09-07-2005)
Katrina will not save the Fed’s baconBernard Connolly(09-06-2005)
The US economy: Greenspan, oil, rates, inflation and housingBernard Connolly(08-26-2005)
International rates of return, entrepreneurship, US trade, the dollar and ChinaBernard Connolly(08-22-2005)
MPC minutes: a rod for their own backs?Bernard Connolly(08-17-2005)
British inflation: a jump needed, but not to conclusionsBernard Connolly(08-16-2005)
BoE Inflation Report increases risk that rates will have to ...Bernard Connolly(08-10-2005)
The Fed, rates, investment and the economy: What is the ...Bernard Connolly(08-08-2005)
The BoE: accepting the grimly inevitable?Bernard Connolly(08-05-2005)
Greenspan sets up market for blameBernard Connolly(07-20-2005)
Portugal: now it really gets toughBernard Connolly(07-14-2005)
The US: no stagflation, no GoldilocksBernard Connolly(07-14-2005)