AIG Trading Group and Banque AIG Past Research

Articles Author Date Published
Stability Pact farce and Ukraine tragedy: what will they mean ...Bernard Connolly(11-29-2004)
Switzerland: little chance of a rate hikeBernard Connolly(11-26-2004)
Greenspan, the Dollar and Japan/Euroland Policy WarsBernard Connolly(11-22-2004)
Weber on Euro Area growth: Whistling in the DarkBernard Connolly(11-18-2004)
Asian Intervention, the Dollar, US Markets and Global AdjustmentBernard Connolly(11-17-2004)
US PPI, Oil Prices and Long YieldsBernard Connolly(11-16-2004)
US trade, sustainability and the dollarBernard Connolly(11-15-2004)
Trichet on the Euro: What Does it Mean for the G7?Bernard Connolly(11-08-2004)
US NFPsBernard Connolly(11-05-2004)
The ECB, the Eurogroup and the EuroBernard Connolly(11-04-2004)
The dollar and commodity prices: which has been wrong?Bernard Connolly(11-01-2004)
China, Commodities, Forex and World Interest RatesBernard Connolly(10-28-2004)
Durable goods orders: will the Fed avoid a trap?Bernard Connolly(10-27-2004)
Japan: Global Slowdown, Intervention and “Normalization”Bernard Connolly(10-26-2004)
Ferguson vs. the Europols result: lower rate expectationsBernard Connolly(10-26-2004)
Yellen, Motherhood and Apfel Strüdel: Implications for the dollar ...Bernard Connolly(10-25-2004)
Central banks, rate “normalization”: gold as an indicatorBernard Connolly(10-19-2004)
Market expectations, “normal rates”, the Fed and a ...Bernard Connolly(10-11-2004)
“Cyclical” and “structural” factors in the ...Bernard Connolly(10-01-2004)
Issing declares Stackelberg WarBernard Connolly(09-28-2004)
The experience of 1929-39: what implications for the US economy ...Bernard Connolly(09-28-2004)
The Stalled German Growth Cycle – Blame EMUBernard Connolly(09-14-2004)
Oil and Interest Rates: Is there a puzzle?Bernard Connolly(09-13-2004)
Stability Pact Changes: Broader Economic and Political ImplicationsBernard Connolly(09-10-2004)
The BoE, House Prices and Sterling ProspectsBernard Connolly(08-31-2004)