AIG Trading Group and Banque AIG Past Research

Articles Author Date Published
US Housing: The Worst is Just BeginningBernard Connolly(10-18-2006)
US Income and Spending and the FOMC: Is the Ponzi ...Bernard Connolly(06-29-2007)
US inflation and growth: Crisis? What kind of crisis?Bernard Connolly(05-06-2004)
US Inflation and Growth: Oil-Induced Blip, Worsened Trade-Off or Knife-Edge? ...Bernard Connolly(05-03-2005)
US inflation and the dollar: What relationship?Bernard Connolly(07-16-2004)
US Labour Costs: a Worrying Trend?Bernard Connolly(02-07-2007)
US Manufacturing: Stressing Why the Recovering Dollar Is DangerousBernard Connolly(08-15-2008)
US Markets All Over the PlaceBernard Connolly(07-23-2008)
US New Home Sales: Normalisation or Liquidation?Bernard Connolly(05-24-2007)
US new home sales: what implicationsBernard Connolly(11-29-2005)
US NFPsBernard Connolly(11-05-2004)
US NFPs: A Joke, but a Good Joke or a ...Bernard Connolly(11-03-2006)
US Numbers Spell Holiday GloomBernard Connolly(12-13-2007)
US Numbers: The Fed Needs a Cover Story for the ...Bernard Connolly(07-28-2006)
US Numbers: What Message?Bernard Connolly(07-28-2008)
US Payrolls: Drowning by Numbers?Bernard Connolly(04-02-2004)
US PPI, Oil Prices and Long YieldsBernard Connolly(11-16-2004)
US Retail and Business Sales and PPI: Cumulative Weakness EvidentBernard Connolly(11-14-2006)
US trade, sustainability and the dollarBernard Connolly(11-15-2004)
US trade: misconceptions reignBernard Connolly(07-13-2005)
Vi?als, Credit Problems and Market Adjustment: Is He Really ...Bernard Connolly(04-12-2007)
Villepin and the FT: Stating the Obvious is Not EnoughBernard Connolly(12-11-2006)
Wages, Prices, Jobs and Output: Which Should Matter Most for ...Bernard Connolly(04-08-2005)
Watanabe on dollar/yen: what underlies the strategy?Bernard Connolly(01-05-2006)
Weber on Euro Area growth: Whistling in the DarkBernard Connolly(11-18-2004)