AIG Trading Group and Banque AIG Past Research

Articles Author Date Published
US inflation and growth: Crisis? What kind of crisis?Bernard Connolly(05-06-2004)
Blair’s EU Referendum: Part I – Genesis; Legal and ...Bernard Connolly(05-10-2004)
Japan: Outlook, Policies and ConstraintsBernard Connolly(05-19-2004)
OPEC, Interest Rates and OilBernard Connolly(05-20-2004)
Weber: Oil But No Vinegar – a Rate Cut Back on ...Bernard Connolly(05-25-2004)
Eurosclerosis, The ECB and De-GlobalisationBernard Connolly(05-27-2004)
Does the ISM signal a coming recession?Bernard Connolly(06-01-2004)
Labour Cost Revisions Restrict Fed’s ‘Comfort Zone’Bernard Connolly(06-03-2004)
Oil Prices: Genesis, Impact, Reaction: Part 1Bernard Connolly(06-04-2004)
The ECB and Politicians: Berlusconi Spills the BeansBernard Connolly(06-08-2004)
Dollar Dilemmas and Greenspan MythspinningBernard Connolly(06-08-2004)
Japanese MarketsBernard Connolly(06-09-2004)
The Fed, Gradualism, Inflation and the Dollar: Part 1Bernard Connolly(06-14-2004)
PPI Suggests China May Bale Out The FedBernard Connolly(06-17-2004)
The Fed, Inflation, Gradualism and the Dollar – Part 2Bernard Connolly(07-07-2004)
Summary of main points of BC note on “The ...Bernard Connolly(07-07-2004)
Downplaying Japanese Growth: What Yen Implications?Bernard Connolly(07-08-2004)
The Fed, Gradualism, Inflation and the Dollar – Part 3Bernard Connolly(07-12-2004)
Stability Pact Demolished; Not Many Dead?Bernard Connolly(07-13-2004)
US inflation and the dollar: What relationship?Bernard Connolly(07-16-2004)
Reflecting on Greenspan: Goldilocks or the Three Bears?Bernard Connolly(07-26-2004)
The dollar, interest-rate expectations and market inefficiencyBernard Connolly(07-29-2004)
The BoE, House Prices and Sterling ProspectsBernard Connolly(08-16-2004)
The BoE, house prices and sterling prospectsBernard Connolly(08-23-2004)
Oil and Global Financial MarketsBernard Connolly(08-24-2004)