AIG Trading Group and Banque AIG Past Research

Articles Author Date Published
The Yen: Will Watanabe Provide Liquidity?Bernard Connolly(03-02-2007)
Parsing Bernanke: a Troubling Kind of SoothingBernard Connolly(03-01-2007)
Asset Market Tremors: What Implications for US Rates?Bernard Connolly(02-27-2007)
World Growth, EMU and Financial CrisisBernard Connolly(02-23-2007)
US CPI and Interest Rates: FOMC Members Will Take Their PickBernard Connolly(02-21-2007)
The BoJ, MoF and the YenBernard Connolly(02-20-2007)
Central Banks, Asset Prices, Risk Premia, Money and the Macro ...Bernard Connolly(02-19-2007)
King on German Views in the G7: Too Harsh or ...Bernard Connolly(02-14-2007)
US Labour Costs: a Worrying Trend?Bernard Connolly(02-07-2007)
EUR/JPY, the G7 and “Europe”: Do As ...Bernard Connolly(02-01-2007)
The FOMC and Employment: Market Implications of Alternative HypothesesBernard Connolly(01-30-2007)
CHF and JPY Carry Trades: Can the Authorities Afford to React?Bernard Connolly(01-25-2007)
US Housing, CPI and Labour Data: What Do They Mean?Bernard Connolly(01-18-2007)
The BoJ: Hastening Slowly Still Best?Bernard Connolly(01-17-2007)
Merkel, Royal and the ECB: More Straws in the Wind?Bernard Connolly(01-17-2007)
Juncker and Prodi: Which Way is the Wind Blowing on EMU?Bernard Connolly(01-15-2007)
The BoE, Roth and the ECB: Strange Bedfellows?Bernard Connolly(01-12-2007)
Kohn, Inflation and Rates: Waiting and Wanting, and Wanting and WaitingBernard Connolly(01-09-2007)
The Political Impact in Britain of EU Exchange ControlsBernard Connolly(01-04-2007)
Mark/Swiss Strength: Who Should Worry?Bernard Connolly(01-04-2007)
Rules Versus Realpolitik: Slovenia Points to the EMU CrisisBernard Connolly(01-02-2007)
Spanish Lessons from IcelandBernard Connolly(12-21-2006)
Thailand: Are There Global Lessons?Bernard Connolly(12-19-2006)
Slowing US CPI: But What Does It Mean For Interest Rates?Bernard Connolly(12-18-2006)
The ECB: Chirac Tries to Tighten the ScrewBernard Connolly(12-15-2006)